Michaela and Milos wedding in farmhouse

Their wedding story

They have chosen for their big day very nice farmhouse in Příšovice (central Bohemia). The owner is young lady, really helpfull and well organized. She owns this place with her family and they made all the works here by themselves.

I really loved the attic. This old places somehow fascinate me. You can find here old-fashioned furniture like this white antient mirror like in fairy tale. One small window on the roof, the only light you could find here. It worked perfectly for me!

I just love this natural light. It remineds me the Caravaggio period and old masters of painting.

Milos made the wedding preparation in opposite part of building. You will never guess! In the cellar! Initially I could not imagine how can be someone photographed in cellar, but yes finally I loved this place. Temperature was quite good here, one really small window and very stylish bar for real gentlemen.

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