Fine Art

Welcome to my creative world. I use all available techniques to create what I see in my mind. I am ipressed by all painting masters, influenced by classic music and obsessed with fine art photography. Everything you see on my images is created by myself. The background, all objects and bodypainting of my models.

I am creating imaginary book of history of art. I am inspired by every single period in history of painting, music, architecture and photography. My finished series are: Abstraction, Antique and Romanticism (Baroque). I am also working on Fauvism and New Realism.

Pop-art Series

History Of Pop-Art

Pop-art is an art movement that originated in England and the USA at the years of 50s and 60s of the 20th century. It was influenced by popular music and commercial art. We can find here the typical use of daily use objects. It is also inspired by film, comics, advertising, banal objects. It is distinguished by its colorfulness and wildness. Today it is considered a retro style.
The term pop art was first used by the English art critic Lawrence Alloway in 1958 to describe paintings depicting the post-war consumerist lifestyle. Pop art popularized otherwise elitist art, emphasized kitschiness and colorfulness. The art was ironic.

Main features:
– Garish colors or, conversely, muted
– Humor, irony
– Everyday items
– Inspiration in comics
– Large formats
– Screen printing (A. Warhole – famous series of marilyn Monroe)
Important artists: Andy Warhole, Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, Tow Wesselman, D. Hockney, C. Oldenburg.

Fauvism and New Realism Series

History Of Abstract Arts

I was inspired by best fauvism painters in our history. I am working on Henri Matisse at the moment. I have also started New Realism, Pop-art and my vision of Yves Klein art work.

Do you want to see how these photographs were created? I prepared for you a short backstage trailer.

Abstraction Series

History Of Abstract Arts

I was inspired by best abstract painters in our history. I started with Kazimir Malvich (Black Square autoportrait), Sonia Delaunay (Dance Composition), F. Kupka (Three Lines) and Carmen Herrera (Yellow Green).

Antique Series

History Of Ancient Greece

The inspiration came from antique statues and renaissance paintings. I used two bodypainting colours – black and white. I wanted my models to look like real statues. The background is painted to look like marble in Greek temples. If you look closely you can find here your favourite gods and mythological creatures from children´s stories.

There are: Medusa, Prometheus, Platon, Discobolos, Aphrodite, Pallas Athene and others.

Aristocrat Series

From Baroque To Romanticism

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