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Art Works

Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.

Cecil Beaton

Theatre Arts, May 1957.

what I Do



commercial photography and videography

fashion and art

What makes my work different?

  • I love creating art in every single project. I make sketches for you and we create together unique product.
  • I plan all my shoots in advance, create my own real props and objects. That is why my work is real and authentic. I make detial sketches.
  • I really like to work with bodypainting techniques. I use it very often in my photography and also videography.
  • In my artworks I often work with my friends and collegues. But i also work with professional models.
  • The perfect location is crucial part of great photography. I use every place that fits well to my idea. It is sometimes also my living room with my kids around.



I’m zuzana

Zuzana Fajmonová is creating her own world with photography. She is inspired by the latest trends in fashion, advertising, international artists and the history of art. In her long-term project she recreates the history of art. She always carefully plans each image in advance, creates detailed drawings and sketches. She crafts her own backgrounds, costumes, props and paints the bodies of her models. Her studio has become her apartment and her models are mostly her family and friends. She often includes a self-portrait in each part of her series. She likes to experiment and is constantly looking for new photographic techniques. Besides photography, she also shoots music clips, advertising videos and fashion films. Her biggest passion is the fashion and commercial photography. Besides her children and husband, she finds inspiration in classical music, jazz, visual art and the works of the old masters. She is also a student of ITF art college in Opava.

„I am happy that I can study here and learn from such personalities as Vladimír BirgusRoman Vondrouš (multiple winner of Czech Press Photo and WPF), Pavel Mára, Štepánka Stein and many others. In addition, we are working on some amazing projects within the studies“.

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