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Bride wedding portrait 2021
AFNS award Fine art portrait photography

It is your story

Keep alive your emotions.

No artificial poses, just you and your love story. I capture real emotions, people just in the way they are. I make wedding films and photography. I look for stories I do not make them.

Let me capture the most important moments of your life

„All my family cried when watched the wedding film. We are very grateful for this video.
There is everything of our big day. Every single moment and we watch over and over again“.

Veronika + Jakub, Český Ranč, Czech Republic

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Meet Zuzana

My name is Zuzana Fajmonová. I am photographer and videomaker. I offer you personalized experience. My films are simple, honest, with real emotions. I capture your stories with no posing, no stress, just with smile at your faces. I listen carefully to your wishes throughout the day.

I am mother of two lovely boys, wife of wonderful musician and man. I love jazz and classical music, I find inspiration in masters of painting and old films. I simply love people stories. This year I also started to create my own projects of conceptual photography – fine arts. My hometown is Liberec, Czech Republic.

What is your story?


How do I work?

I believe that wedding photographer/videomaker should be a photojournalist/documentarist. You should barely notice I am taking shots, I will simply be a part of the wedding, just moving around, talking to people, watching all the things happening there. The story is created from every single emotion and every detail. I prefer the candid shots and natural moments. I do not make arranged couple wedding portraits. I just talk with you, having fun together and you won´t even know I am taking shots.

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