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Zuzana lives in Liberec (Czech Republic) and finds inspiration in classical music, jazz, modern art and the works of the old masters. Baroque gave the world a light without which she cannot imagine her work today. Modern art shows her the way to work with colour and create abstract compositions. 

She enjoys working on her art. But not only that. She also is a mom of two great boys. They are both an endless well of inspiration.

Zuzana Fajmonová is creating her own world with photography. She is inspired by the latest trends in fashion, advertising, international artists and the history of art. In her long-term project she recreates the history of art. She always carefully plans each image in advance, creates detailed drawings and sketches. She crafts her own backgrounds, costumes, props and paints the bodies of her models. She often includes a self-portrait in each part of her series. Zuzana likes to experiment and is constantly looking for new photographic techniques. Besides photography, she also shoots music clips, advertising videos and fashion films. Her biggest passion is the fashion and commercial photography.

My Story



2021 – Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University in Opava 
2007- 2011 – Università degli studi di Perugia (Economics – bachelor´s degree)


2019 – 2021 Distance study of photography, Liberec School of Photography in Liberec
2018 – Product and advertising photographer
2017 – Graphic designer
Marketing for photographers
Studio Lighting, Reportage, Fashion

In 2021 I graduated from the Liberec School of Photography and Graphic Arts. The study gave me a great foundation and directed me further.

As well as other retraining courses I’ve taken. Today I like to return to the Liberec school. I have a lot of friends here. In 2022, I am also here for students organized a wedding photography workshop. In 2021, I am she entered the ITF art college in Opava. I’m happy to study here and learn from such luminaries as Vladimir Birgus, Roman Vondrouš (multiple winner of Czech Press Photo and WPF), Pavel Mára, Štěpánka Stein and many others.


small steps


I created the visual for Prague Photo festival 2023 (photography Donut, from Pop-art series)
The photo Donut from Pop-art series became the opening photo of the festival Prague Photo for 2023
The photo Baloons from series Pop-art became a main photography of the exhibition in Germany – Viele Geschichter (24/7-14/10)
I have been a member of the APF (Association of Professional Photographers) since 2022.
Single image award – FEP 2023 European advertising and commercial merit award
Single image award – FEP 2023 European advertising and commercial distincition award
Some of my photographs can be seen in the magazines FotoVideo, Czechoslovak Photography and Digital Photography.
In 2020 I won international awards for fine art portraiture in three competitions.
Cycle of Abstraction, photographs Yellow-Green, 1. Place (2021)
Music clip Judge Time (music by David Fajmon), national round in the music clip category of the Czech Visions Film Festival, 2. Place (2021)
Music clip Nesmíš se vzdát, nation round in the music clip awards Czech Visions Film Festival (2023)
You can find an interview with me on the Dotek Fotek Podcast.



Author´s single exhibition, Prague Photo festifal 2023, series Dystopia
Series Pop-art (Coca Cola), group exhibition of ITF students, Prague Photo festival
Author´s single exhibition, one of four main festival guests – 09/2023 – 11/2023 – Blatenský fotofestival
Art Market Budapest (Hungary) – 10/2023
Series Pop-art, exhibition in Germany (Munchen) – Viele Gesichter (24/7-14/10)
Exhibition of photographs by ITF students Many Faces at the Opera Gallery in Ostrava
Prague Photo Festival, series Pop-art
Series Pop-art, exhibition of students of ITF – Mnoho tváří in Galery Opera in Ostrava

Pop-art series, Unigeo festival ITF, Horní Bečva
Month of Photography in Bratislava, exhibited Pop-art ensemble
Exhibition of students of the Institute of Creative Photography at the VIZAIRKA Music Festival in Tichá Šárka
Author´s single exhibition 10/2022 – 01/2023 : Kulturní centrum Lidové sady Liberec – Art in Time
Author´s single exhibition 05/2022 : Bar at George – Art in Time

Cycle of Abstraction, Cvikov
Cycle of Abstraction, Festival 150 years of F. Kupka, Opočno
Cycle Antique, Blatenský fotofestival, Blatná

Cycle Noble family, Blatná Photo Festival, Blatná

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