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I am Zuzana Fajmonova, I was born in Liberec. I also live here, but I take photos and videos all over the country and I will travel abroad to visit you. Besides my children and husband, I find inspiration in classical music, jazz, visual art and the works of the old masters. Baroque gave the world a twilight without which I cannot imagine my work today. Modern art shows me the way to work with colour and create abstract compositions. Black and white photography is a classic that sometimes says more than a whole palette of colours.

We spend evenings and days at home working on our art. But not only that. We’re the parents of two great boys. As it is the case with children, they are both an endless well of inspiration and an insurmountable obstacle to the implementation of ideas.

I don’t just take pictures for a living. The video is just one step off. I also shoot wedding videos, music videos and commercials. Video is a bit more of a challenge than photography. You can work not only with images, but also with music and spoken word. Emotional music will bring a tingle to your back even in a boring product video. But those are cheap ants. I don’t care about them. They run, they disappear and nobody remembers them. They won’t stay with you.

My Story



2021 – Bachelor’s degree, Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University in Opava


2019 – 2021 Distance study of photography, Liberec School of Photography in Liberec
Product and advertising photographer (retraining)
Graphic designer (retraining)
Marketing for photographers
Studio Lighting, Nude, Reportage, Fashion and more

In 2021 I graduated from the Liberec School of Photography and Graphic Arts. The study gave me a great foundation and directed me further.

As well as other retraining courses I’ve taken. Today I like to return to the Liberec school. I have a lot of friends here. In 2022, I am also here for students organized a wedding photography workshop. In 2021, I am she entered the ITF art college in Opava. I’m happy to study here and learn from such luminaries as Vladimir Birgus, Roman Vondrouš (multiple winner of Czech Press Photo and WPF), Pavel Mára, Stephanie Stein and many others. In addition, we are working on some amazing projects within the studio.


small steps

my achievements

I have been a member of the APF (Association of Professional Photographers) since 2022.
Some of my photographs can be seen in the magazines FotoVideo, Czechoslovak Photography and Digital Photography.
In 2020 I won international awards for fine art portraiture in three competitions.
Cycle of Abstraction, photographs Yellow-Green, 1. Place (2021)
Music clip Judge Time (music by David Fajmon), national round in the music clip category of the Czech Visions Film Festival, 2. Place (2021)
You can find an interview with me on the Dotek Fotek Podcast.



Month of Photography in Bratislava, exhibited Pop-art ensemble
Exhibition of students of the Institute of Creative Photography at the VIZAIRKA Music Festival in Tichá Šárka
Pop-art cycle, Unigeo festival ITF, Horní Bečva
Blatná Photo Festival, Cycle of Abstraction, Blatná
Prague Photo Festival, my photo Baloons became the opening photo of the festival for 2023

Cycle of Abstraction, Cvikov Cycle of Abstraction
Festival 150 years of F. Kupka, Opočno Antique Cycle
Blatná Photo Festival, Cycle Cycle Antika, Blatná

Blatná Photo Festival, Cycle of Noble Birth, Blatná

2022 Art in Time, Bar u George, Jablonec nad Nisou
2022 Art in Time, Cultural and Social Centre Lidové sady, Liberec

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