Zuzana lives in Liberec, Czech Republic, and finds inspiration in classical music, jazz, films, modern art, and the works of the old masters. She is also a mother of two wonderful boys.

I am deeply driven by an inner desire to express my feelings and portray my unique perspective of the world. Central to my ethos is the commitment to sustainability and the utilization of resources. Recycling and repurposing items that are no longer needed by myself, my family, or those around me is of paramount importance.
I find great joy in collaborating with young students of fashion design who share a similar vision. Together, we explore innovative ways to create and express ourselves using simple materials readily available to us. From adhesive tape to polystyrene, from dry flowers to reclaimed wood from the shed, I draw inspiration from the mundane and transform it into art. My projects often feature a mix of different materials—boxes, tubes, metal, plastic—each lending its own unique texture and character to the composition. In my creative process I seek out interesting locations that resonate with the
themes of my work or create the whole scene in my small studio.. Occasionally, I find inspiration right at home, amidst the playful presence of my children. My artistic interests span a wide range of topics, from exploring the possibilities of futuristic and dystopian societies to celebrating the beauty of diversity and the complexities of motherhood. I am fascinated by the cultural differences that shape our world and strive to reflect these themes in my art.

awards (selection)

Visuals for Prague Photo Festival 2023 (Pop-art series).
1st place in the World Photography Cup (Texas, USA, 2024).
Featured photography exhibition in Germany – „Viele Geschichter“ (24/7- 14/10) – where the Pop-art series became the opening photo series of the exhibition.
Proud member of the APF (Association of Professional Photographers) since 2022.
Recipient of the Single Image Award – FEP 2023 European Advertising and Commercial Merit Award and Commercial Distinction Award.
Published works showcased in magazines such as Véčko, Mladá fronta DNES, FotoVideo, Czechoslovak Photography, and Digital Photography.
Winner of the „Cycle of Abstraction“ photography competition with the photograph „Yellow-Green,“ earning 1st Place in 2021.
Recognition for the music clip „Judge Time“ (music by David Fajmon) at the Czech Visions Film Festival, securing 2nd Place.
Finalist for the music clip „Nesmíš se vzdát“ at the Czech Visions Film Festival


Zuzana Fajmonová is currently a third-year student at the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic. Additionally, she is a graduate of the Distance Photography Program at the Liberec School of Photography and Graphic Arts. Simultaneously, she earned her degree in Economics from the Università degli Studi di Perugia in Italy.





Noc Muzeów 2024 w Poleczki.art: ITF Varšava, Pop-art series
XFOTO – Fotošumění – Pop-art series


Author´s single exhibition, Prague Photo festifal 2023, series Dystopia
Series Pop-art (Coca Cola), group exhibition of ITF students, Prague Photo festival
Author´s single exhibition, one of four main festival guests – 09/2023 – 11/2023 – Blatenský fotofestival
Art Market Budapest (Hungary) – 10/2023
Series Pop-art, exhibition in Germany (Munchen) – Viele Gesichter (24/7-14/10)
Exhibition of photographs by ITF students Many Faces at the Opera Gallery in Ostrava
Prague Photo Festival, series Pop-art
Series Pop-art, exhibition of students of ITF – Mnoho tváří in Galery Opera in Ostrava

Pop-art series, Unigeo festival ITF, Horní Bečva
Month of Photography in Bratislava, exhibited Pop-art ensemble
Exhibition of students of the Institute of Creative Photography at the VIZAIRKA Music Festival in Tichá Šárka
Author´s single exhibition 10/2022 – 01/2023 : Kulturní centrum Lidové sady Liberec – Art in Time
Author´s single exhibition 05/2022 : Bar at George – Art in Time

Cycle of Abstraction, Cvikov
Cycle of Abstraction, Festival 150 years of F. Kupka, Opočno
Cycle Antique, Blatenský fotofestival, Blatná

Cycle Noble family, Blatná Photo Festival, Blatná

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