Project pop-art (2022)

Extravagance, style, the colourful world of advertising, mass culture. These are synonyms of our modern lives, which we fill with consumerism, luxury, the desire to be to be seen and to achieve ephemeral fame.

What was popular yesterday may not be popular today. The pop-art culture connection with modern fashion and advertising photography. Inspired by pop art, the series is part of a long-term project that explores the history of modern art.

All photos are made in real fotographic way, just like real props, painted background and model´s bodies. Black colour is only used to highlight other colours.

Dystopia Series (2023)

What is the vision of our future? What does futurism mean today? We live in a time that was once the subject of science fiction movies with robots taking over our world. Today’s society is more dependent on technology and social media than ever before. This dependence is having significant effects on interpersonal relationships and communication. We are too busy looking at our phones rather than the real world. Family or friend gatherings are replaced by silences we didn’t know before.

We voluntarily isolate ourselves and create our own world.

Artificial intelligence can be a great asset to society, but it is important, that there should be a parallel dialogue about what role it should play in our culture and how to limit its misuse. It could become a powerful tool in the wrong hands and cause dramatic developments in our world. The evolution of technology, on the other hand, is natural and unstoppable, and perhaps we have no choice but to accept the new world as it is.

The Dystopia File aims to warn the general public. Social networks can cause a strong addiction that has consequences similar to any other. At the same time, it calls for the use of common sense and self-reflection by everyone. Finally, I would like to thank GPT4 Chat and Bing for consulting with me of this text. A big thank you also goes to Midjourney and Dall-e for fully inspiring the creation of my photographs.

All photographs from the series Dystopia were created in a real photographic way without artificial intelligence intervention. Only light, body paint, real objects or man-made props, a camera and a flesh-and-bone model were used.

Abstraction Series (2022)

This photographic series is inspired by the artistic movement known as abstraction. An artistic style that diverges from representing the real world and emphasizes form, color, line and texture. The photographs in this set avoid representing concrete objects and instead focus on geometric shapes, contrasting colors and rhythm. The models become only part of the composition of the scene.

Each photograph in the set is inspired by a particular painter or famous painting. We may find here, for example, František Kupka, Mondrian, Carmen Herrera, Sonia Delaunay and El Lisickij (reactions to the russian invasion).

All photographs are created in a real photographic way, in combination with painting on the models‘ bodies and the making of props. Each photograph is planned in advance, the artist draws sketches for each photograph.

Yves Klein
Fauvism (2021)

Antique Series (2021)

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